Jumbo Oats

Used for making a more traditional style Porridge.


Nutritional information

Product name Typical values per 100g
Energy  1557kJ

Protein 12.1g 

Carbohydrate 56.1g 
   of which sugars 1.0g 

Fat 8.4g 
   of which saturates 3.4g 

Fibre 10.8g 

Sodium Trace 



Dietary Information

Oat products are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Allergen Advice

Oats contain a protein called Avenin, which is similar in structure to Gluten. All oats will also contain traces of wheat, rye, & barley, and should not be regarded as gluten free. May also contain traces of Nuts, Milk, Soya & Sulphates