Herbs & spices

For baking, cooking or even bar-b-cueing, we have a range of the Top 30 herbs & spices, in handy size re-sealable boxes, to help flavour, season, and bring out the natural flavours of food. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our packs are suitable for shelf-stacking, and include a Euroslot for hanging on slat boards and Hanging strips.

ALLERGENS: Please contact us if you require further allergens or ingredients details on any of our products.


Code      Product Pack Weight
81301 Allspice 40g
81305 Basil 20g
81306 Bay Leaves 10g
81310 Cayenne Pepper     50g
81313 Chilli Powder 50g
81314 Chillis Whole 25g
81316 Cinnamon Ground 50g
81317 Cinnamon Sticks 20g
81318 Cloves Whole 18g
81319 Coriander Ground 40g
81321 Cumin Ground 50g
81324 Curry Medium 50g
81326 Garam Masala 50g
81328 Garlic Chips 50g
81330 Ginger Ground 40g
81334 Mint 20g
81335 Mixed Herbs 20g
81336 Mixed Spice 50g
81339 Nutmeg - Ground 20g
81342 Oregano 20g
81343 Paprika 50g
81362 Smoked Paprika 35g
81344 Parsley 15g
81345 Peppercorns - Black       30g
81347 Pizza Topping Mix 40g
81351 Rosemary 20g
81353 Sage 25g
81354 Tarragon 12g
81355 Thyme 30g
81356 Turmeric 40g