Home baking

There has never been a better time to launch into home baking!  Whether you are taking up a new hobby, re-kindling a lost skill, or are already an avid baker, our range of high quality homebaking products will help to fulfil the aspirations of any budding Master Chef.

P.S. Don't forget to look on our herbs and spices page to find specially selected ingredients to compliment the best home baking.

ALLERGENS: Please contact us if you require further allergen or ingredient details on any of our products.

Code        Product                   

Pack Weight 

          Code         Product              Pack Weight
40001 Almonds - Whole      125g   20020 Jumbo Oats      1Kg
40032 Almonds - Whole      250g   20014 Oatmeal - Fine      375g
40003 Almonds - Flaked      50g   20015 Oatmeal - Medium       375g
40034 Almonds - Flaked      100g   20019 Wheat Germ      250g
40004 Almonds - Ground      100g   20027 Natural Bran      375g
40031 Almonds - Ground      250g   90001 Pumpkin Seeds      100g
40018 Pecans      100g   90051 Pumpkin Seeds      250g
40020 Walnut Halves      125g   90002 Sesame Seeds      125g
40021 Walnut Halves      250g   90003 Sunflower Seeds      125g
51304 Apricots      90g     90052 Sunflower Seeds      250g
30003 Apricots      250g        
30005 Glace Cherries      100g        
30006 Currants      375g        
30007 Currants      1Kg        
30008 Pitted Dates      250g        
30010 Figs      250g        
30011 Cryst Ginger      125g        
30013 Mixed Peel      125g        
30016 Raisins      375g        
30019 Sultanas      375g        
30021 Cake Fruit      375g        
30022 Cake Fruit      1Kg        
20005 Ground Rice      500g        
20013 Jumbo Oats      500g